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Get ready to embark on a delightful journey exploring the best portsides bars! In this insightful roundup, we’ve curated a selection of the most incredible waterfront establishments where you can savor delectable cuisine, imbibe in refreshing libations, and unwind with stunning views. Dive into the article and prepare yourself for an unforgettable portside bar experience.

The Top 10 Best portside bars

  1. Portside Grand Weathered Bar — West Elm Outdoor Patio — Elevate your outdoor entertaining with Portside Grand Bar, featuring weathered gray West Elm design, durable moisture-resistant wood, and convenient built-in features like a wine glass rack, bottle opener, and ice storage.
  2. West Elm Portside Bar Table — Durable Weathered Gray 35'’ Square Design — Experience the perfect blend of rustic charm and refinement with West Elm’s Portside Bar Table, featuring a weathered gray finish and certified FSC-sourced solid eucalyptus and mahogany wood.
  3. Darlee Elisabeth Cast Aluminum Party Bar — Invest in the stylish Darlee Elisabeth Cast Aluminum Party Bar, featuring a rust-resistant, antique bronze powder coating and spacious dimensions, making it the perfect addition for your outdoor entertaining space.
  4. NHL Portable Bar — Chicago Blackhawks Spirit — Bring your tailgate game to the next level with the Chicago Blackhawks NHL Portable Bar, featuring a sturdy metal frame and ample storage space in a compact and collapsible design.
  5. Portable Bar Rivage I Collection, Stylish 47–1/2" High Design — Unleash elegance and practicality with the Portable Bar Rivage I Collection, designed to impress at any event while offering ample storage and a durable, KCMA-certified construction.
  6. Lakeside Portable Rivage Bar — Red Mahogany Finish — The Lakeside 7985604 Rivage 8' Portable Back Bar is a stylish and functional addition to any setting, offering durability and convenience with its red mahogany finish, convenient three-door lower compartment, and portable casters.
  7. West Elm Weathered Gray Portside Bar Island — Upgrade your outdoor entertaining with the luxurious Portside Bar Island from West Elm, featuring a weathered gray finish, moisture-resistant materials, and practical accessories for a rustic-refined experience.
  8. Officially Licensed Arizona Coyotes Portable Bar — The NHL Arizona Coyotes Portable Bar, a practical and stylish addition to any outdoor gathering, offers a space-saving design with two sturdy metal shelves, collapsible functionality, and a convenient carrying case.
  9. Portside Driftwood Bar and Stool Set — Bring the beach inside with this stunning Portside Bar Table and 4 Porto Stools set from West Elm, featuring durable FSC-certified wood, weather-resistant cushions, and a contract-grade build for both residential and commercial use.
  10. Portside Bar Table and Stylish Telluride Stools from West Elm — Enhance your outdoor living space with the Portside Bar Table and 4 Telluride Stools from West Elm, featuring moisture-resistant solid wood from responsibly managed forests and weather-resistant cushions, perfect for both residential and commercial use.

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Portside Grand Weathered Bar — West Elm Outdoor Patio

Creating a cozy outdoor bar has never been easier with the Portside Grand Bar from West Elm. Made from durable materials, this bar is perfect for entertaining guests al fresco. With a glass fiber reinforced concrete top and shelves that adjust smoothly, you can serve a variety of drinks with ease.

The moisture-resistant wood and built-in storage features ensure your bar remains functional even in harsh weather conditions. While its rustic charm might make it stand out among other outdoor bars, its sturdy construction and practical design make it a worthy addition to any patio or deck.

West Elm Portside Bar Table — Durable Weathered Gray 35'’ Square Design

The Portside Bar Table from West Elm is an exquisite piece that brings rustic charm and refinement to any space. Its solid wire-brushed wood frame is treated to be moisture-resistant, ensuring its longevity even in outdoor settings. The timeless weathered gray finish adds a touch of rustic appeal, while upholding a sophisticated atmosphere.

Constructed from sustainably sourced wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the table showcases the brand’s commitment towards responsible forest management. It is an excellent choice for commercial use, as well as a stylish addition to residential spaces. However, do take note that an outdoor cover is available separately, as it will give your table more protection.

Crafted by skilled artisans in Indonesia, the Portside Bar Table is a testament to their design expertise. Its unique appearance and durable finish make it a standout choice among bar tables. With its versatility, performance, and stylish appeal, the table is an exceptional investment for any outdoor or indoor setting.

Darlee Elisabeth Cast Aluminum Party Bar

The Darlee Elisabeth Cast Aluminum Party Bar is a stylish addition to your outdoor entertaining space. The rust-resistant cast aluminum frame ensures that the bar will not weather over time.

The antique bronze powder coating is more durable than conventional paint finishes, adding to its lasting appeal. The sizeable tabletop, which measures 75 x 38.5 inches, can comfortably accommodate up to four people. The half-moon table shape adds versatility to the design, allowing it to mix and match with any collection of chairs.

The party bar’s attractive floral design enhances the overall aesthetic. With dimensions of 75 inches in width, 38.5 inches in depth, and 40 inches in height, this party bar makes a statement in your outdoor area. Some assembly is required, but it’s worth the effort for the enjoyment this bar brings to your outdoor gatherings.

NHL Portable Bar — Chicago Blackhawks Spirit

Impress your friends and fans at your next tailgate or outdoor gathering with the NHL Portable Bar with Carrying Case in Chicago Blackhawks team design. This compact and sturdy bar features two shelves for holding drinks and accessories, and folds down for easy transport and storage when not in use.

The metal construction provides sturdiness and durability, while the logo panel brings a pop of team spirit to your event. Assembling this bar is a breeze, and the included carrying case ensures a hassle-free experience. While some users find the price a bit steep, overall, this portable bar delivers functionality and a touch of team pride to any celebration.

Portable Bar Rivage I Collection, Stylish 47–1/2" High Design

The Portable Bar Rivage I Collection is a sophisticated and versatile addition to any event space. The veneer exterior, combined with the durability of plywood, creates a stunning aesthetic. A high luster, protective finish coats the bar, ensuring it lasts long-term.

This bar boasts multiple storage options for bottles and ice, enhancing convenience and functionality. The stable footrest provides added comfort, while the channel dolly base ensures structural integrity. The convertible speed rail allows for added flexibility, making it perfect for a variety of occasions.

Additionally, the stainless steel workstation and laminate lower interior add to the bar’s durability. The product is easy to maneuver thanks to its 5 inch TPR casters, swivel casters, and locking casters. Despite its impressive features, the bar remains compact and portable, making it a standout choice for your event.

Lakeside Portable Rivage Bar — Red Mahogany Finish

I recently had the chance to use the Lakeside Rivage 8' portable back bar, and I must say, it was quite the experience. The first thing that caught my attention was its sleek red mahogany finish, which gave it a refined and upscale look. The bar’s portable design made it incredibly easy to move around, thanks to the four casters it came equipped with.

In addition to its ease of transport, the bar featured a sturdy solid top, making it perfect for all kinds of bartending tasks. However, one aspect that I found slightly disappointing was the absence of extra shelves. Overall, the Rivage 8' portable back bar was a solid addition to any bar setup, but just remember that it is not perfect.

West Elm Weathered Gray Portside Bar Island

I recently brought home the Portside Bar Island from West Elm. This bar island has a rustic charm with its weathered gray finish, giving it a refined look for any outdoor bash. The moisture-resistant mahogany and eucalyptus wood construction have proven to withstand any weather conditions, making it perfect for al fresco entertaining.

The attached bottle opener and the hooks are handy for keeping everything organized. However, I wish the stainless steel bucket and wooden cover were easier to clean.

Overall, it’s a great addition to any outdoor space, and I appreciate the sustainably sourced materials.

Officially Licensed Arizona Coyotes Portable Bar

The NHL Arizona Coyotes Portable Bar, an officially licensed product, is a perfect addition to your picnic or BBQ setup. Its sturdy metal construction with two shelves offers ample space for your beverages and accessories.

The bar’s dimensions allow you to transport it easily with its collapsible design and convenient carrying case. The full-color wrap featuring your favorite team adds a touch of visual appeal.

However, be cautious of the velcro attachments for the team logo, as they may need some adjustments for optimal presentation. Overall, an excellent choice for those looking for a stylish and practical portable bar for their outdoor events.

Portside Driftwood Bar and Stool Set

The Portside Bar Table and 4 Porto Stools from West Elm make a stylish addition to any outdoor space. Crafted from FSC-certified wood, the moisture-resistant solid mahogany and solid eucalyptus table ensures durability, while the wire-brushed surface adds an attractive texture. The bar stools feature kiln-dried mahogany wood in either Driftwood or Reef finish, and the woven nylon cording complements the overall design.

Weather-resistant olefin cushions in Gray are included, and the seat cushion features a high-resiliency polyurethane foam core. The back cushion is filled with fiber, and both are reversible, making it easy to switch between looks.

All items are Contract Grade, making them suitable for both residential and commercial use. Made in Indonesia, the Portside Bar Table and 4 Porto Stools provide a natural and chic touch to your outdoor area.

Portside Bar Table and Stylish Telluride Stools from West Elm

Last weekend, I decided to splurge on a stylish and durable outdoor bar set. I settled on the Portside Bar Table and 4 Telluride Stools from West Elm. The set features a moisture-resistant table made from solid mahogany and eucalyptus wood, finished with a beautiful Reef color. The four stools are also solidly constructed with the same materials and have cushions that are not only comfy but also weather-resistant.

One of the highlights of this set is its FSC-certified wood, ensuring that the materials come from responsibly managed forests. And to top it all off, everything is Contract Grade, which means it’s built to withstand the rigors of commercial use and regular wear and tear of my family. The fact that it’s made in Indonesia did impress me as it’s a bit of a unique touch.

While the stools and table look great and have been a hit in my backyard, I did find that assembling them was a bit of a challenge for a beginner like me. It took a while to figure out all the parts and how they fit together. That being said, once I did have it all together, it was definitely worth the effort.

Overall, I’m quite happy with my purchase. The combination of style, durability, and eco-friendliness is hard to beat. And while it took a bit of work to put everything together, the result was definitely worth it.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive buyer’s guide for the portside bar. As you embark on your journey to find the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a cool drink by the water, we have compiled essential information to help you make an informed decision.

Location and Accessibility

When considering a portside bar, it’s crucial to think about its location. Look for a place that not only offers a scenic view of the water but also has easy access from the mainland. Check if there is a nearby parking area, public transportation, or designated docking spots for boats. Additionally, consider the bar’s operating hours, as some may have limited service during off-peak seasons.

Ambiance and Atmosphere

The ambiance and atmosphere of a portside bar play a significant role in creating an enjoyable experience. It’s essential to choose a place with a welcoming vibe, comfortable seating, and a friendly staff. Also, consider factors like music, lighting, and the overall decor. Some bars may have a laid-back, beachy feel, while others might have a more upscale, trendy atmosphere. Choose the one that aligns with your preferences.

Menu and Beverages

The menu and beverage offerings are another crucial aspect to consider when choosing a portside bar. Look for a diverse selection of drinks, including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. Research the bar’s food menu to ensure they serve your preferred cuisine, and inquire about any seasonal or daily specials. Some portside bars may also offer local seafood dishes, which can enhance your dining experience.

Services and Amenities

Services and amenities are an essential part of a portside bar experience. Check if the bar offers Wi-Fi, restrooms, and a designated smoking area. Additionally, consider if they provide any additional services, such as boat rentals, fishing permits, or guided tours. If you plan on spending time at the bar with your pet, inquire about their pet policy to ensure a hassle-free visit.


What is the Portside Bar known for?

The Portside Bar is a popular establishment known for its picturesque waterfront location, inviting atmosphere, and a wide variety of drinks and food options. Patrons can enjoy breathtaking views of the harbor while sipping on refreshing cocktails or indulging in delicious coastal cuisine. With its welcoming ambiance, the Portside Bar has become a favorite hangout spot for both locals and tourists.

Moreover, the Portside Bar frequently hosts events and live music performances, adding to the lively, vibrant atmosphere. Whether celebrating a special occasion or simply looking for a place to unwind after a long day, the Portside Bar offers something for everyone, making it a versatile dining and entertainment destination.

What types of drinks are offered at the Portside Bar?

The Portside Bar boasts a comprehensive drink menu, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. From classic cocktails and expertly crafted martinis to local craft beers and fine wines, guests can find a beverage that suits their palate. The bar also offers an extensive selection of signature cocktails, showcasing the creativity of skilled mixologists. Additionally, the Portside Bar is well-stocked with non-alcoholic options for those who prefer a sober drink, such as virgin cocktails, juice blends, and soft drinks.

There is also an assortment of premium spirits, including rare and exclusive labels, that are available for patrons who desire a special touch to their libation. Overall, the Portside Bar’s drink selection is extensive and diverse, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy during their visit.

What are the food options available at the Portside Bar?

The Portside Bar offers a diverse range of mouth-watering dishes that cater to various taste buds and dietary requirements. The menu features a mix of classic and contemporary coastal cuisine, showcasing the freshest seafood, meats, and locally-sourced ingredients. Standout items include succulent grilled seafood, flavorful pasta dishes, and delectable salads.

Vegetarian and vegan options are also available, ensuring that everyone can find something they’ll love on the menu. Many dishes can be made gluten-free or modified to suit dietary preferences, ensuring that all guests have an enjoyable dining experience. To complement the dishes, a selection of appetizers, sides, and desserts are offered, allowing guests to fully indulge in the culinary experience at the Portside Bar.

Does the Portside Bar offer outdoor seating?

Yes, the Portside Bar is well-known for its stunning outdoor seating area, which offers breathtaking views of the harbor. Patrons can enjoy their drinks and meals while watching boats pass by, taking in the scenic beauty of the waterfront. The outdoor seating area is both comfortable and inviting, making it an ideal spot for dining with friends or family or simply unwinding after a long day.

The Portside Bar’s outdoor seating area is protected by ample shade and comfortable seating arrangements, ensuring that guests remain comfortable regardless of the weather. During warmer months, the seating area can provide a refreshing, cool breeze, enhancing the overall dining experience. Overall, the Portside Bar’s outdoor seating area is a coveted feature that attracts both locals and tourists to the establishment.

Are there any special events or promotions at the Portside Bar?

Yes, the Portside Bar regularly hosts special events and promotions to keep guests entertained and engaged. These events can include wine tastings, live music performances, themed parties, and more. Patrons can check the bar’s website, social media pages, or inquire at the establishment to stay updated on any upcoming events or promotions.

Additionally, the Portside Bar occasionally offers seasonal or limited-time menu items, drink specials, and discounts to keep things interesting and ensure that guests always have a reason to visit. These promotions can be an excellent opportunity for regulars and first-time visitors to try new offerings and experience the Portside Bar in a unique way.

What is the atmosphere like at the Portside Bar?

The Portside Bar is known for its inviting and lively atmosphere, making it a favorite hangout spot for locals and tourists alike. The establishment is well-decorated, featuring a sophisticated nautical theme that pays homage to the port’s history and maritime heritage. The interior is spacious, with comfortable seating arrangements that encourage patrons to linger and socialize. The outdoor seating area is equally warm and inviting, offering a serene and picturesque view of the harbor.

The bar’s lively ambiance is further enhanced by the regular live music performances, special events, and energetic atmosphere that attracts guests from all walks of life. Whether celebrating a special occasion or simply looking for a place to unwind, the Portside Bar’s inviting atmosphere ensures that guests have a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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